Are You Considering Self Publishing?

by Gary Dorion

Well, after writing several novels over the past decade I am finally ready to wade into the muddy depths of the publishing world and face the same question that most writers I suspect have to contend with. Should I attempt to court one of the big Manhattan publishers or take the independent route? I’ve labored over this question for years and only recently have I come to a conclusion. After much research over the internet and wavering back and forth interminably I have finally convinced myself that I need to learn as much as I can about digital self publishing and therefore become what I have previously found to be distasteful: a writer businessman.

I love to write but it’s clear that I will also have to develop an affection for promotion. Gone are the days when writers could just create and hope that their talent would rise to the top by sheer force of the well-written word. It may still work for some but the world has become flooded with good writers who find that they must give up the old notions and embrace the new. This blog site will be dedicated to trying to understand this revolution by involving the numerous voices -both experienced and inexperienced- who also are trying to make sense of these changes. One of these voices, Author David Farland, says in his recent blog (Daily Kick), “Given all of this, the answer to the question is, “When does it make sense to publish with a conventional paper publisher?” The answer is, Never. Those days are gone…”
Gone. Time to move on.


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