Short Stories

The Hot Foot and More

by G. Dorion

               Once upon a time, there was a student who refused to sit where he was supposed to sit, balked at the idea of keeping his mouth from flapping when he was supposed to keep his mouth from flapping, and, all around, was quite an annoyance to other students-not to mention his poor teachers.

               One day after the boy flapped his jaws too much and to the wrong people and at the wrong time and to the great irritation of everyone around him including his teacher-not to mention the boy's recent and persistent bullying of certain other boys-the present adolescent company included-the students decided to act.
               Their plan was to silence him and perhaps to 'teach him a lesson' so to speak, and this they did, dear reader, but it was the way they did it, calculatingly, cunningly, in a manner that was utterly surreptitious, stealthy and cruel, and in a way that no-one, except for me, could finger them, and so that no evidence trail would lead to them, that was the most remarkable.

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