Jack, the Novel

The Novel, "Jack" Serialized – Full Novel to be Published in May, 2013

                                                            Chapter Five 
                                           Battle of Wits                                                                
                                                                         Gary L Dorion    

          We were keeping low across the cobblestone street waiting for our next opportunity when a carriage stopped right in front of us and obscured our view, then the horse did his business right then and there and, together with the hot noon sun and the wind wafting the aroma our way, we decided to move a bit. So we crawled on our hands and knees along the hedge away from the odor. Then Jack spotted Brooksy a’lyin' on his belly at the corner of the schoolhouse.
          “That knumbskull,” said Jack. “Look at him. Do you see him? What a horse's ass! Trying to spy on us-the damn fool! You seen him?”

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