Jack, the Novel

Blood Brothers and Pirates: The Continuing Serialization of the Novel, “Jack”: Blood Brothers and Pirates

                                                    Chapter 21
                   The Midnight Raiders
Charleston, S.C., with Charleston Harbor in the Background.
Civil War Era Lithograph

    “Hey! Where did you get this thing?” I asked Jack, staring wide-eyed at the wooden canoe that was covered by thick bushes just a’settin' there in the little backwater that was an offshoot of the river. It was covered with vines and reeds and you really had to be looking right at it to see it if you happened to be goin' by that way. But nobody except for some fishermen now and then would have much reason to drift off the river into that swamp. So Jack knew what he was doing when he hid the boat in that particular place.        

      “Is this that ole Indian’s canoe you said you took one day ‘cross the river and then lost again Jack?” I said.
      “No, no! This here is my daddy’s canoe,” said Brooksy, “the same one that Master Whittemore tole the class yesterday that Jack done stole it from my daddy for a handful of cheap marbles.”
      “Well that darn fool’s goin' ahead and blabbin' off his mouth again. We traded fair and square, didn’t we?” Jack asked Brooksy. “And beside that was supposed to be a secret bargain that no-one was supposed to know so how did master learn it?”

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