The Street of Art

Here is an up-and-coming writer- Marilia Dimitriou –  who is living and studying English in Greece. Her writing is crisp, intimate and descriptive. Check out The Street of Art but be sure to read some of Marilia’s other posts such as the one where she first encounters Venice with excitement and wonder. That post with some beautiful photos (I re-posted  one below) is entitled, “Write-See-Rewrite.” Marilia says her first novel – Part 1 in an anticipated Trilogy – will be available  soon.

My first impression when I stepped out of the train station was something like: I’m in a whole new world! All the things I had in mind started unfolding before me when I made my first steps into this old yet magnificent city.

After walking around,  I knew what I had to do when I would go back to Greece. Everything I had written so far about Venice was just inspired by images I had googled; but now I had the chance to walk at the same streets my characters were supposed to do.  Being able to see what my fictional ‘children’  saw filled me up with emotions I’ll never forget.

Marilia Dimitriou dsc03165

by Marilia Dimitriou, Canal in Venice


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  1. That was fast – what time is it over there? Also, glad to help out and featuring interesting authors on my blogs promotes my sites and my own work so it’s not – but it might be “almost”- entirely unselfish.


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