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Edgar Allan Poe and how his Works & Poems Influenced my writing and My Life « Book Reviews & Poetry.


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  1. >.< Thanks for posting a link to my blog on yours!

    And for the awesome compliment!

    To read those word's coming from such a talented and distinguished writer and author like yourself is truly an Honor and a gift I will never forget!

    I wish I could explain how much it means to me to have you take the time to not only read my amateur Poems and Book Reviews but for also taking the time to make a post about me and my blog! Not to mention those kind word's….Thank you so much!

    I was having a bad day but this eclipsed all the negative stuff and put a very big smile on my face haha! It also has motivated me and inspired me to keep hanging on, and continue writing even though it's getting harder and harder to find the time to maintain my blog, and to create decent content.

    Thanks again my new friend! This is truly awesome! =]


    • Shane,

      I know a good writer when I see one – I specialize in writing also in the NYC school system — taught in more than 70 Manhattan high schools in the past two years. Please don’t even consider quitting what you are doing. Valuable to people. Glad you saw the necessity really of finally putting your work out there – doesn’t do much good to the world burying it in a closet so to speak although I went through much the same thing for a lot longer than you (age being the main factor perhaps). Best, Gary


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