Starbucks And The 4 Keys To Social Media Engagement

Here is another intriguing article by Jeff Bullas who invariably – seems to me – offers up useful and wise information for writers, bloggers and others. Enjoy.

Written by Jeff Bulllas
It is a ritual, either on your way to work or after you have opened the laptop or logged in. It doesn’t matter when but most of us do it. 

Starbucks 4 keys to social media engagementWe pop down to the corner coffee shop or cafe and and order our latte, cappucino, flat white or even a soy version of all of the above… in fact I have my soya flat white with no sugar right next to me now provided by my local barista called affectionately ‘BJ’.  We chat to the barista or the waitress as we wait for the morning brew, it is part of our offline  rituals that makes starting the day engaging and social.

For most coffee shops their total marketing plan is a loyalty card.. you know the one I mean.. buy 5 cups get the sixth one free and that is where it mostly stops.



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