To Optimize or Not? That is the Question.

Here’s another one from the “Guru of Blogging.”

Essentially Jeff says that many or most people in the USA have smart phones and if your WordPress or other site is not optimized for them then you are missing out (maybe me too) on a potentially large viewership. If a viewer get’s annoyed or even “enraged” by trying to traverse your site from his/her mobile smart phone, then it’s Sayanora.  Jeff says a potential consumer/viewer on your site will make a decision in about three seconds whether to stay or to go. (“Should I stay or should I go now?”) I better  make sure I’ve optimized this site.  I think I have but better to be sure, right?

Here’s the link:

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Blog for Mobile – Jeffbullas’s Blog.


Categories: e-Commerce

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