Author’s Wanted

I am seeking up-and-coming authors who are published and whose work could be promoted on my various websites. I have a couple of thousand connections on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.  I also will provide a basic no-promo review. The minimum cost for a basic review (not more than 300 pages) which does not include any promotion on my web sites is $25. Please click the Shakespeare icon to pay for this review on my Selz site at:, then submit your work as a PDF to

Free Lancers: Promote Your Book On My Web Store

Free Lancers: Promote Your Book On My Web Store

For your book to be considered for promotion and sales on my sites, please first submit your PDF of your finished, already-published book to I will review it preliminarily ($25 basic minimum review fee) to see if it meets minimum professional quality and, if so, I would then do a formal review (see procedure below).  Your $25 basic review fee would then be applied to the $49 annual fee which includes promotion on my Selz web store, my physical store in Nashua, New Hampshire (submit copies for sale), and possibly other of my web sites – the latter at my discretion. For this service, click the Hemingway icon on my Selz site at: Please do not purchase this service on Selz without getting approval from me via my email at .

My Qualifications: I’m a published author and I taught English Language Arts, History,  Journalism and Creative Writing over my 13 years with the NYC Department of Education I retired in September, 2013. Much of my writing is on this web site and others. I also had my own news service for 10 years in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I covered thousands of court cases. I wrote for more than 4o Metropolitan Boston newspapers and for the Associated Press. I personally wrote thousands of news articles about murder cases alone, having covered approximately 500 murder trials.

Part 1 in the trilogy of my new novel called Jack will be published by October 1, 2104.

Guide for Book Reviews & Web Store Listings

Prior approval and review are required before I would list your book(s) on my web sites or for sale on my store and in my physical store – The Silverlight Store at 213 Main Street, Nashua, N.H.  Contact me, Gary Dorion, at

1) Send a PDF of your PUBLISHED book together with front and back cover. Only books that are print ready and copyrighted with ISBN will be considered.

2) I will send you a basic contract that, among other things, would ask that you confirm you are the legal copyright owner of the work and that you give permission to to me to publish it on my web sites which are my WordPress, Blogger, and Selz sites.

3) Once signed and emailed to me at and provided your book is approved, I will provide you with my Selz web store link to the service which you would then click on to pay the $49 annual fee. The non-refundable fee includes my one-page review of your book and two listings on my Selz site – one which offers your free PDF and the other which offers your book for a price you set. You are responsible for delivering your book to your buyer using my web store. Selz fees and my fees for each sale would total 15%. If your book sells for $10, for instance, you would receive $8.50 but you would be responsible for shipping your book to the customer. As the author, you would receive an email notice of every sale of your book(s) you would then be responsible for  delivering your book to your customer who purchases the book on my Selz site. I will promote your book to my connections which include some 2000 people including hundreds of teachers and other authors.

4) Your $49 annual fee includes the promotion and a one-page email review by me, Gary Dorion, that you can use for promotional purposes. The review will highlight the book’s good points, middling aspects and suggest areas for improvement. Only books that meet minimum professional standards will be approved for web site display and promotion. Books that do not meet the qualifications can be be resubmitted for further consideration at an additional fee of $25 for  new review.  Again, for only $49 for the first year you get a 1-page book review by me,  Gary Dorion, site owner, and a 1-year PDF display on my Selz web store where you offer your promo PDF free. You also set your price for your physical copy for buying customers. You agree to send the physical book (hardcover or softcover) within 48 hours of being notified by me that a copy(ies) of your book has sold.

5) You are required to provide me with 5 copies of your book to be used in case you do not deliver promptly to customers. Persistent late deliveries will result in you being cut from program. Books will be returned anytime at your request provided you pay the return shipping.

6) Royalties on all sales of your book on my Selz site or any other site that I choose to place it on will be paid monthly on or about the last day of the month.

Please follow the blog and provide your email address.



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