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Teachers: Promotion for “Jack, Part 1” – My New Novel That Will Have Students Hungering For Parts 2 & 3

Below are two deals:

But first I want to tell you that, as a New York City high school teacher of English and history from 2000 to 2013, I have a strong sense of the kind of book that can create a buzz with students and help motivate them to get more involved in reading good literature. This novel was written over 11 years with this dynamic in mind.

Deal # 1 

You can either get a free PDF version Free PDF or pay $2.99 for a Kindle edition Kindle Edition . Read it, then review it on Amazon on either my Kindle page (Kindle link) or site (print version link) or both, and email me at to advise me of your reviews. Include an address for which to send the book, and I will send you totally free print book with free shipping. Minimum 50 word review. 

Deal #2

Now, if you buy a class set of at least 20 copies at a teacher discount rate of $7.99/copy (regular $9.99), I will send 25 copies to the address you provide. You can only purchase this promotional package at: Teacher Promotional Package for “Jack”  which is on my web store. If you do not want a class set with five free copies, I will still send to you the free copy once you have made your review on my Amazon page. If you decide to go for the complete promotion, you would save $89. This promotion will end on September 30.

You can also visit my Booklaunch page at:  This link will take you to my new, and very cool, Booklaunch site where you can also get the free PDF or teacher promotional package by clicking on the SELZ icons.


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