Advice For Teachers? 10 Things To Not Lose Sight Of This Year

Oh, this one is so good! Teachers: check out the article by Terry Heick but one paragraph is especially wonderful – even radical.


Heick Writes in Advice For Teachers? 10 Things To Not Lose Sight Of This Year:

“Holding their feet to the fire for a deadline? Refusing to let them retake an exam? Requiring them to work with students they don’t begin to work well with? And doing so under the guise of “the real world”? For it to be successful, school should be the exact opposite of these characteristics we cherry pick from “life.” It should be a time to help them learn from mistakes; a place that helps protect them from themselves; a chance for them to adopt mindsets based on love and growth, not fear and policy. While this doesn’t excuse accountability measures for students, the big idea is clear: School is there for the students, students aren’t there for the school.

If we want a better world, we can’t continue to ladle in the worst parts of that broken world into our classrooms.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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