Comrade Anna

Comrade Anna: Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto

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Anna had dreamed of a united Poland whereby all its
various peoples would live together as brothers and sisters in
a workers’ state and everyone’s rights would be respected,
everyone would get a fair share of the social and political
fruits and the capitalistic profit system would be rendered an
She couldn’t wrap her mind around the agreement reached
by the Soviets and Germans. It made no sense to her how
one state, Communist, the other fascist, could be allies. How
could this be? Why did this happen? Still she hoped it would
turn out well.
All throughout September, 1939, Anna could not
understand why the Soviets were not joining the battle in
Warsaw against the Germans. Abandoned to her fate by
Britain and France, Poland-geographically sandwiched
between Germany and the Soviet Union-was ripe for the
taking. Stalin and Hitler had secretly agreed to split the…

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