Retweets verses Favoriting

5 Reasons People Favorite Tweets on Twitter – by Brandwatch

I “pressed” the following article originally posted by  @RuxandraRux of Brandwatch as I thought it would  be useful to followers of this blog – it’s a very interesting discussion with insightful and useful comments from readers as to why they “favorite” a tweet rather that re-tweeting it. I learned a lot and so decided to pass it on. Here is the article:

Ruxandra Mindruta

Ruxandra Mindruta

“Ruxandra is a Community Manager here at Brandwatch. She loves travel, live music and Spanish culture and has a keen interest in Marketing and Intercultural Communication.

With approximately 500 million users and an average of 400 million tweets sent per day, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms. Increasingly so in recent years, brands have been embracing it for customer service, nurturing … Continued

Source: 5 Reasons People Favorite Tweets on Twitter – Brandwatch