Middle East Coalition and Consequences for France

What Should France Do Now?

We continue to see what the west perceives as total innocents being slaughtered in Europe and especially in those countries that are participating in the coalition to fight “terrorism” in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East. “Islamic State” – a title that seems to give a quasi-legitimacy to this newly emerged umbrella-like anti-Assad, anti-western group of so-called fighters, has taken credit for the Paris carnage. This is their way of striking back for France’s continued support of the coalition which has many goals but one is destroying Islamic State which stands against the coalition’s objectives in the Middle East. What can France do now, or rather, what should it do, or more broadly, what should the west do to stop attacks on its citizens in their own countries? Please vote in the poll below as to what you believe might be the best course of action France might take right now. You may choose multiple answers and/or add your own answer. Also, check The Cranberries great anti-war tune, “Zombie,” that the band sung at their 1999 Paris concert.



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