Italian TV Interview Of Assad On Syrian Conflict

The situation in Syria is extremely complex and difficult for outside observers like myself to know who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. In the final analysis that model may be a huge oversimplification but that’s often how the propaganda machines of the US, Europe, Russia, Iran, Israel, Turkey and the Gulf States spin it.  All have their agendas. Syria remains in maelstrom. President Bashar Al-Assad, the Syrian president, in a recent interview with Italian TV channel Rai Uno characterized the Syrian conflict – essentially a civil war – as part of a larger, regional civil conflict between the Gulf States including the Saudis and their western supporters and Assad’s government and his supporters including Russia. President Assad, in the interview, comes across – to me at least – as being a reasonable leader who feels that the west is meddling in local affairs and trying to do what they did in other Muslim countries – bring about “regime change.” He charges that, in trying to bring his government down, the Americans and other western powers have created ISIS and supported the efforts of other so-called terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and other splinter groups. Here is the link to the Italian TV interview: Assad Interview on Globalization Research Web Site


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