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Iran executes men of entire village for drug smuggling | The Times of Israel

I republished this Times of Israel article mainly  due to the comments that may shed light on what is really happening in this part of Iran. In the article, the government claims the village males were executed due to alleged drug smuggling. Commentators, however, say that the Iranian government viciously targeted this village as a warning to other villages in the region, using drug-smuggling allegations as a cover, and that the real reasons for the executions are due to the region’s resistance to Iranian government rule. It is difficult to know what is true here but the comments should be setting off alarms and certainly the mainstream media should be checking this out. I added links to related stories and added maps at the bottom. Here is one revealing comment which is followed by the first part of the article that links to the main story in The Times of Israel:

Balach Bal ·

Thank you Stephen (a retired US Army Sergeant, my insert) for exposing this, because it’s not once Iranians kill and hang the Baluch people and accuse them with the drug related cases it has a long history. Actually it’s very good to know who rules in Balochistan first, it’s Hezbollah and Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They made the Baluch people slaves in their own land. Baluchistan is located in the south of this so called barbaric Iran and Afghanistan is located in the north east of Iran very close to Mashhad and Tehran, one must be crazy to bring drugs 1000 km south (from Afghanistan) and again 1500 km to the north, it doesn’t make a sense at all. But they need the Baluch people to be accused of it and hanged, because they oppose the occupation of Baluchistan and the Baluch are not Shia, at the end who benefits, it’s Hezbollah and Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, even getting aid from UN and european countries for war against the drug dealers. And ”millions in drug money to fund terrorist activity in Syria and Lebanon”. fooling the whole world!!! so simple.


Iran executes men of entire village for drug smuggling | The Times of Israel

“Vice president says action was necessary to prevent crime spreading; Iran is world’s second biggest user of the death penalty, after China …

Source: Iran executes men of entire village for drug smuggling | The Times of Israel

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