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#MondayBlogs (by Shannon Thompson): The Worst Thing A Reader Ever Said To Me

Great post Shannon! I’ll share with my 3500+ author followers on Twitter. I’m sure they all have experienced at least one difficult or unfair review. Putting out a book in high school though must have been fraught with difficulties. As a teacher for many years in NYC, I knew students who were afraid to act too smart or do all of the assignments because they would be stereotyped as “teacher’s pet” or worse. Jealousy and bullying definitely are factors. Thanks for your very honest post. Writers and general readers need to hear such stories. (Posted on Shannon’s site).



Shannon A Thompson

I can admit the worst thing a reader ever wrote to me. It was 2007, I was 16, my publisher at the time had released my first novel, and Honesty Box was the hottest app on Facebook. My high school self was naïve enough to have one of these, and one day, I found myself staring at this. Message:

“You are the bastardization of the English language.”

honesty-boxI’ve tried not to think about this message often. In fact, I confess I’ve tried to completely cut it out of my memory—especially since I think it had more to do with high school bullying than anything notable—but the most common type of bullying I faced for writing a book in high school followed this script:

A fellow student would say, “Go write a book.”

Normally, I never responded, but sometimes I snapped and stupidly said, “I already did.”

Which almost always got, “Now…

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