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Featured Authors of Silverlight Cafe Magazine

We are looking to feature about a dozen authors for the next edition of Silverlight Cafe Magazine. The final discussion questions for the July 20 edition were just posted. All published authors are welcome to apply. Please read the Author Submission Guide at: Silverlight Cafe Magazine. There is a nominal charge of $10 per author to help cover costs.

The July edition has a discussion thread focusing on questions such as how authors become inspired, what are the wellsprings of inspiration, and which have inspired them in their writing.

The following are group profiles of the first five author groups in the magazine. Please support these writers by purchasing their books and/or by sharing this post with your social connections.

June marketing group 2016



Authors: Regina Phukett, Angela Mortimer, Elisabeth Zguta, Heidi Angell, Judith Arnopp, Little White Bird (Shelley Ott), Mike Fuller, PJ Webb, A.L. Sexton, Rosie Chapel,




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The July, 2016, Discussion Thread (you can view it here and on the Silverlight site but, if you decide to join, you must visit the Silverlight detailed author instruction guide page at: Silverlight Author Submission Guidelines

Please develop your responses into a coherent, insightful discussion.

Author Questions: July Edition: Inspiration.

Please select any or all questions to discuss.

  1. Inspiration: where does it come from?

  2. Which authors inspired you the most and what was it about them and/or their works that so affected you?

  3. What inspires you besides authors and books?

  4. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer and why did you want to write?

  5. Where do you like to write the most? Why?

  6. Hemingway is attributed with sayi:ng “Write drunk. Edit sober.” Do you agree with his apparent inference that using alcohol or drugs while writing can result in bursts of creativity? Please elaborate.

  7. Which authors specifically have you actually studied, say, in a college author course or even on your own? Discuss what you learned from him/her.

  8. Do your characters take on a life of their own in some spontaneous way or do you more or less exercise control over them. Or is it some combination of both?

  9. Are your characters composite characters, more or less primarily based upon real people or totally created and not based on anyone in real life?

  10. Is your ‘mission’ as a writer one who seeks to “entertain,” “make a living,” and/or “change the world?” Elaborate at some length please about your motivations.

  11. In terms of your writing, do you feel a strong connection to the past – say the ancient world up to the modern era?  Discuss that connection, or lack thereof please.

  12. Alternatively, do you consider yourself to be a ‘modernist?” Please elaborate.

  13. What genres do you write in primarily and why are you attracted to them?

  14. Do you usually have a target audience when you write and, if so, does having a target audience inspire your writing? Please elaborate.

  15. Have you ever written a passage or chapter or so and later, having stepped back, wondered in amazement how you ever wrote what you did? Can you share what that writing was about and why you were so amazed?





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