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My Review of Laura Emery’s Novel, ‘Disposition of Remains’.

Disposition of Remains (Book One in the Remains Series) (Kindle Edition)
An unsolicited review – 5 stars – by Gary L. Dorion, author, book reviewer and former New York City Teacher of English, History and Journalism.
Right away, I liked the cover and found the title intriguing so I decided to check the book out. I seldom read what had appeared to be a romance novel but this one held my interest from the first page.

Laura Emery

 After several pages I at first was a little annoyed because I wanted to finish the book in one sitting and so had to rearrange my schedule. I get so busy that I rarely have time to read a novel that I hadn’t planned to review. But then I had a delicious thought: Why not take the whole day off for a change and relax with a nice book on a beautiful sunny day here in my studio in Rawai Beach, Thailand, without any other care. Not an easy thing for me to do but that’s what I did. It took me two days to finish. Even in what some people call paradise, it’s still easy to fill up your day with all sorts off stress-inducing chores many of which are related to book writing and marketing and keeping up with self-imposed social media responsibilities. It was nice to just lose all that for a while.
A synopsis: The main character makes the leap to leave her controlling husband after she gets a fearsome diagnosis. After years of being something of  trophy wife, she finally decides that she is going to live her life on her own terms. This decision – tough as it was and coming at a major life crisis – starts her down the path to spiritual awakening. Although I initially characterized it as a romance novel, the book defies categorization. The plot is so much more about self-realization and awareness and the character’s spiritual growth is a defining aspect of the novel.
If you are looking for a rewarding, highly interesting, original book, don’t miss this one! Laura Emery has a special talent as a writer. You’ll be glad you gave it a shot!
Here is the Amazon link where you can find 97 other reviews of this novel averaging a 4.5 rating out of 5. Enjoy! Disposition of Remains

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