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The High Seas Adventure Jack: Book 2 Now Free on Wattpad

Jack: Book 2 is a rollicking high-seas adventure. Schoolmaster Jerome Whittemore – a former ‘preacher’ on slave ships – quits teaching after a devastating classroom humiliation at the hands of Jack and Jeremy, two fun-loving, non-conforming students.
Whittemore quits teaching and returns to his former ship – the Helena – on what may be a suicide mission. Read it free at: Jack: Book 2 free at Wattpad
Ignorant of Whittemore’s plan to incite rebellion with his newfound abolitionist teachings – Jack and Jeremy sign to the same ship.
Jack and his teacher had hated one another but their antagonistic relationship changes after Jack is finally triumphant in book one. Jack decides to follow him to sea while recruiting his reluctant best friend, Jeremy, who invariably is skeptical of Jack’s adventure plans. Both develop a new respect for Whittemore and sign for the same sea voyage – unaware that the Helena is a ‘devil slave ship’.
Whittemore is appalled to see them on deck that first night after the ship is beyond the northern-flowing Gulf Stream. The self-proclaimed ‘preacher of the deep’ for ‘the Church of the Holy Waters’, Whittemore intends to incite rebellion in his first sermon since glorifying the southern white plantation slavery system on the same ship three years past. Jeremy and Jack beg him to scuttle his ‘crazy’ plan but to no avail.
Book 2 opens with master’s diatribe against the slave trade and Captain Pendleton and his enablers – the crew of the Helena.
Intrigue, espionage, conspiracies, mutiny and hurricane plague the ship’s voyage during its several-month cruise through the Caribbean Sea to Jamaica, Cuba and Hispaniola and elsewhere.
In Jamaica, Jack and Jeremy meet two free blacks – America and Mauricia – and together they conspire to free 110 African slaves who will board the Helena in Cuba.
Jack, Book 2, was published in May, 2016. Please write a brief review. See the last page where you will find instructions. Thanks. – G. L. Dorion.

Jack 2 cover 300 DPI

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