Are You a Writer? Have You Checked Out Wattpad?

I have been uploading chapters of Book 3 in the Jack Trilogy on Wattpad for two months now and find that I like writing on this platform – a lot. It can gain an author lots of exposure for each chapter. I uploaded one today and another yesterday. Then I published a Twitter and a Facebook post advertising that a new chapter is available free. Here is my Wattpad link if you’d like to check it out: My Wattpad Site

I have made my trilogy available free until December 1, 2016, when I expect to finish the last book. Writing on Wattpad is great way to promote a booklaunch over longer period of time and generate expectation and excitement.

Here is today’s and yesterday’s photo posts that also included accompanying text (not reprinted) such as the link to my Wattpad site:


There is a process here: I start either with my own photographs, although these two were downloaded free (with absolutely no copyright restrictions – you literally can do anything you want with the photos),  from Unsplash which provides thousands of HD photos free to  anyone. I use Google’s Picassa to add text on top of the photo. Google retired Picassa in April, 2016, in favor of a single photo platform – Google Photos – which does not have the same photo editing capabilities as Picassa.

You can still download Picassa if you don’t wait too much longer. It’s one of my favorite programs. Google has stated that it didn’t make sense to continue to have two photo platforms. Picassa is no longer being updated but it will run as is and it is a pretty nice program that interfaces nicely with Google Photos.


I plan on writing more posts about Wattpad as I explore its capabilities further. I am finding that there are a lot of younger, talented writers on the platform and many very good stories posted – all free.

I read another article recently that noted that older and more established and even famous writers are using Wattpad now.

At this time I encourage authors to post their work – Wattpad recommends one chapter at a time – on Wattpad. There have been complaints by authors of people stealing parts of books so that may be a consideration. But that can happen anywhere. It’s not something I worry about. One nice feature of Wattpad is that readers can interact with each chapter, make recommendations, “like” and offer suggestions.

Today I read about six authors who share their Wattpad experiences. The article is written by Chris Well. Below are the first several paragraphs which link to the full article.

Sharing and comments are appreciated.

How to Get More out of Wattpad: 6 Authors Share Their Best Practices


With an enormous base of readers (25 million at last count), Wattpad is the social reading platform that every author should at least consider. The Toronto-based company continues to make strides, finding new ways to connect readers and authors. Is Wattpad for you?

With 25 million users, Wattpad is the world’s largest community for readers and writers. Last year, users spent 41 billion minutes on Wattpad, with a new chapter uploaded every second. The platform hosts a mix of public domain fiction, fan fiction, and fiction by traditional authors. Authors who’ve amassed large followings on Wattpad have garnered attention from agents, publishers, and in at least one case, Hollywood.

We’ve talked with six authors  ….”

How to Get More out of Wattpad


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  1. Wattpad reminds me of the publisher’s slush pile, but maybe if more, older, talented writers join the site, it won’t be so bad. However, right now some of worst written stories get popular > <

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    • Yes, it’s a bit of a popularity contest. I don’t try to get follows from other Wattpad writers although there are some excellent writers on the platform. Part of the problem with Wattpad is that authors publish their work before it is properly edited and the result can look amateurish. Some writers post unfinished work and say it’s not complete in their post, and are looking for engagement and suggestions for improvement by readers. It’s not my style or belief to put out writing that is not ready. Creative writing classes are best for that. Still, I like Wattpad overall for reasons I stated in my post. The popularity aspect of Wattpad that you point out reminds me of my NYC students when I used to teach in the city’s school system. Too often there was a lack of accurate criticism although students tend to say exactly what is on their minds. I found that students needed to be taught how to criticize or the fallback can be about popularity. I’ve also noticed that many comments on Wattpad authors’ work are lacking in good writing including proper grammar. It can leave others with the impression that the work doesn’t need to be well-written – it just needs to be an interesting topic and that the people who “love” the writing may not know what good writing is about.

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      • I liked your answer, and that’s exactly how Wattpad is. I feel like that site is dumbing down what we call good writing. Many young people are thinking stories on Wattpad are well written, when in reality, they are not.

        Wattpad is all about popularity. From the moment you sign up for that site, it’s about reading only reading the popular stories. Of course, new writers have to struggle to get noticed. It shouldn’t be about that; it should be about improving one’s craft.


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