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5-Star Review of Dorion’s English Tutoring & Author Helper Service

(Originally posted on my Facebook page of the same title.)

by Danail Hristov – author, essayist,  philosopher and former lecturer/teacher at  Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Danail Hristov

My first impressions of the Author Helper Service by Gary Dorion was built since he edited a couple of my essays for participation in writing contests.

As an experienced teacher, journalist and author, Gary Dorion has extensive experience in teaching English, writing, and publishing, and has excellent knowledge of English writing standards, which inevitably influences the quality of his work as an editor. He also studied religions and philosophies, which is an additional advantage when editing my genre of writing.
He works with both PDF and Word documents, and the payment is per hour.
With expressed personal interest in the topics, Gary Dorion makes his editing, suggestions, or questions into the text itself and in the form of comments, and he provides analyses with the possibility of email communication.

Of course, the volume of revisions and criticisms depend on the preliminary agreement and needs, but generally, Gary prefers deep editing with high quality and personal attitude to the text content.

Also, he had always been correct with the time frames, which was very important for me because I had deadlines for my submissions.

All Dorion’s comments were useful not only because of the language revision but in giving provocative critique and questions for discussion which contributed to the various arguments and statements in the text.

There are editors who are editing writings using any automatic grammar checkers. But, if you’re looking for 100% human editing with high-quality native English and personal approach, I recommend Dorion’s Author Helper Service.

This post can also be seen on Mr. Dorion’s Facebook page where readers can also find rates and details on the service. Please click on the link below.

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