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The Relentless Clasp – Author William Wright, Jr.

I like Wright’s sample poem – The Relentless Clasp. The title especially and the cover lure me into the book. An exciting writer who had a difficult time during a long “hunt for a purpose” as he states on his website where the alienation and depression be underwent related to childhood dreams that were in danger of being unfulfilled are detailed. Specifically, he wanted to be a comic book artist after high school with his friend and he tells how he fell into depression when it looked like he would fail to make it happen. But that supposed unrealized dream led Wright to writing. Here is an excerpt from Wright’s author site about that transformation:

“This aspiration remained with him far longer than the rest. After a difficult first semester of college, William fell into a deep depression and felt as if he had no true purpose in life. He was not sure of who he was or who he wanted be. There were so many questions swirling around in his mind that he became overwhelmed, and just had to find a way to purge them from his thoughts. He would relieve his frustrations by writing anger-fueled rants into a notebook every day. These rants were about feeling alienated; they were about his anxiety and his seemingly endless search for a place and a purpose. Over time, the long paragraphs of these rants were shortened and he began to insert more poetic imagery into his sentences. The shortened paragraphs of these rants, were broken up into stanzas and slowly they evolved into poems.

“Through constantly writing, he discovered a new passion for words and for the incredible power they wield. People were quick to lend compliments for his eloquence and the vivid imagery employed in his poetry. He always accepted and appreciated their kind words, but kept in mind that there was always room for improvement. William devoted most of his days to writing, which often resulted in him neglecting his pursuit of a higher education. Through his hard work and dedication to writing, he was featured in his first publication in May of 2012, in an anthology titled: “The Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam.” It was welcome and exciting news but it was quickly overshadowed by a steep decline in his grades. William dropped out of college a year later, and devoted his time to finding employment and searching for more publishing opportunities. In the years following his departure from college, he self-published five poetry books, which received little to no feedback and sparked a long period of depression and great uncertainty. After two years of contemplation, temporary jobs, a series of failures and poor decisions, and a few poetry anthology features, William decided to re-enroll in college and to continue working toward a degree. He registered for the spring semester of 2015, and today he is still in college, maintaining a 4.0 GPA in his pursuit of a degree in English. He is still searching for his voice as a writer, and is even stepping out of his comfort zone of poetry, to try his hand at writing a novel. Even through the hardship, the humiliation and the months of self-doubt and self-destruction, William Wright, Jr. has held true to his dream. And thanks to the people at Creative Talents Unleashed, that dream is fast becoming a reality.”


Creative Talents Unleashed

I am spoiled

In their infinite clasp

By the ruthless garbs

All singing

Of far-ago trials

No hour is spared

No road

Wanders free

For they wield my all

This roving

Human disarray

Tattered and heaving


By my chosen snares

These rags sustain me

Through the sprawl

Of daily despair

Yet the world

Pours through

In cold

And sorrowful


© William Wright, Jr.

William Wright

Excerpt from the book “The Slums of Nightfall”

William Wright About the Author

 My name is William Lorenzo Wright, Jr. I am the youngest of three children, as well as the only son to two loving and hard-working parents. I am a college student from San Diego California and I hold a deep passion for reading and writing poetry. I was sixteen years old when I first fell in love with poetry and I have been faithful to the craft ever since.

Visit William’s Author Page At:

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