“It’s all in your hands now” – Lary Crews

by G.L. Dorion

(Note: Partially published earlier today in my FB group)


“Good post, Lary Crews

You don’t have a “press this” as one of your social media buttons. How come? I could have put it out to 20,000 +. Oh well. Maybe Blogger doesn’t have a “Press This” button because it links to Google’s competitor – WordPress?

(Ten minutes later) Okay, I changed my mind and decided to flesh this post out a bit more by doing it the archaic way – slower than if I could just hit the “Press This” button.

So, Lary’s post in Blogger starts off:”

“Publishing is all in your hands now.

6-1-2017 W-bleed 607x802

Lary Crews, Author, Vice President of Petersen Press, and a member of Friends Who Share best Publishing Practices

Writers often tell me they don’t want to self-publish because it’s hard work and expensive. They hold out for a “book deal.”

Their chances are one in a hundred thousand.

I tell them that all of my books are published by Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing and the work is easy to do and there is NO investment in money. They both publish for free.

For every 100,000 book submissions sent to publishers each year, only one is chosen to be published and it is not guaranteed to be a ‘bestseller’. Yes, there are great books being published each year, many even selling film rights and stage adaptations, but these are very rare.

My first six novels sold (combined) 550,000 copies but my residuals were only 7% on cover price…”

Read more at:…/publishing-is-all-in-you…



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