The Jack Trilogy

Some Relationships, Although Deep, Become Lost To Time.

Some Relationships, Although Deep, Become Lost To Time.

The full Jack Trilogy – written over 17 years – is in Kindle Pre-order and will be released on November 8, 2017. Pre-order price – 1.99 USD. Post-release price: 5.99.
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It was during those halcyon days in the American South. Life inched along like the pace of the river in late summer, 1860, that is, slowly, gently, and unhurried. If you were moving about Charleston’s busy central market then, you might have gotten the impression that Charlestonians were innocently happy. They lived day-to-day mostly unaware that soon they would reap the terror of the cannon fire that would rip the very air they breathed and blast their fine architecture and green landscapes to pieces – forever altering the path of American life.

Jeremy Foster, Jack Stone, and Jeremiah Brooks, at the tender ages of 14- 15 years as Book One begins, were about to fight the civil war in their own way, months before Fort Sumter in the nearby harbor surrendered, establishing the opening act of the War between the States. But their war was not against the northern invading armies – not yet anyway – nor against the southern rebels.

No. They pitted themselves against a cruel schoolmaster – a former ‘preacher’ on a slave ship – who disliked them not so much because they were poor, somewhat illiterate and “uncivilized” in his oh-so-modest opinion. He despised them mainly because those poor, semi-literate, uncivilized “street beggars” and “guttersnipes” refused to accept his grand teachings about the “glorious plantation slavery system that made Charleston, South Carolina, the envy of the world and set it at the pinnacle of advanced civilization.”

And so, the conflict began.


But before I tell you the story of Jack back in those days, dear reader, I should let you know that – after the war ended in 1865 – I became a teacher and a writer – a novelist. I had forever, it seemed, wanted to tell Jack’s story but couldn’t bear to recollect those days for many years. Then one day, I decided the time had come. More than a few of the events I necessarily had to invent or rather guess at what had happened, and I even saw fit to invent what some of the characters in my book had thought and how they had acted during those times although I was not always there to see nor hear them nor, for that matter, to have their thoughts revealed to me. No, but I did the best I could at guessing at some of the actual happenings, and what people’s thoughts might have been, and who it was who caused harm to others and why.


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