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Authors! Forget Twitter? Focus On Facebook? Seriously?

Here is a September article that I found interesting but a little surprising as I get much more engagement with Twitter than FB regarding my own and other authors’ books. I do RT a hundred different authors’ posts on a daily basis and I believe that is 90% of the engagement I receive. I also have my Twitter and FB accounts linked so that I can post in one and it appears in the other. That can be tricky and do not really recommend it unless you are willing to put a lot of work into posting items of value to others – for me that means primarily authors because 75% of my contacts at least are authors. I don’t automatically post anything.

Thus, my posts are always hand-selected. My books are RT’ed about 100 times per day and that’s been happening for a couple years. Does it sell books? Not really. Posting on Twitter a lot is a way to be helpful to other authors, and therein lies the benefit in terms of engagement and in establishing yourself better in the writing/publishing community. I agree with many of the publishing experts I’ve read over the years that it does take years of engagement and sound and subtle marketing of one’s books, in order to be successful in the financial sense as an Indie author – assuming the books an author is selling are what the public wants. Also, I’ve never tried FB ads, and it seems to me that it may well be another story about money down the drain.

Please comment if you have had a positive experience with FB ads because I haven’t ruled out that marketing option, and I’m interested in what other authors’ have experienced.



Here is the link to the article where the above image is posted: 


GL Dorion’s Amazon Page to view all of his books:

GL Dorion’s Smashword’s Site



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