Modern Slavery

Rohingya Girls – the Latest to be Forced into Modern Slavery and the Sex Trade

The modern slavery trade has now wrapped its tentacles around one of the most defenseless peoples in the world – the displaced Rohingya living in sprawling, unsafe refugee camps in neighboring Bangladesh. And all of the moms – and dads if still alive – fear for their daughters as criminal gangs and pimps seek to deceive and sell young Rohingya girls into the sex trade.

Excerpt from this latest al Jazeera episode on this excellent modern slavery series:

“They have survived rape and the slaughter of their families. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya girls and women fled Myanmar to escape a military crackdown. In Bangladesh’s refugee camps they thought they would be safe. But inside the tents that house almost a million Rohingya refugees, women and girls are being bought, sold and given away.”

Check out this heart-breaking documentary film that features young girls with dreams that were dashed when the Myanmar Army allegedly burned their villages, raped numerous women and girls, murdered hundreds or more while they tried desperately to flee, and implemented the worst genocide of the 21st Century – one whose ferocity has not been seen since the Rawanda genocide of the 1990s.

This episode is entitled, “Brides and Brothels” and shows parents marrying off their young daughters as a way of protecting them and the family while other single parents – many of whose spouses were murdered in Myanmar – fear for their daughters every time they leave their tents.

Click the link to watch the video. You can comment below afterwards.


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