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Ghanaian Writers ‘Seriously Underrated’?

Nice interview of Author Michael Donkor by Darkowaa.
Donkor’s debut novel, Hold, will be published in July, 2018, in the UK and in the US, under the title Housegirl, in August, says Darkowaa. It sounds quite interesting. I’m putting this one on my “To Read” and “To Review” lists. Donkor grew up in a Ghanaian household in West London and currently works as an English teacher. The book apparently took ten years to find a publisher. I encourage all readers of this blog to pick up a copy, tell your friends, do a review, and thereby help to promote Ghanaian writers. All the best with this debut novel to  Michael Donkor.

Darkowaa’s  ‘chat’ or interview begins:

How did you become an author? Has writing stories always been your dream?

Reading was – and continues to be – my route into writing. I have always loved reading, always been fascinated by the way that the most skillful writers force me to reevaluate my sense of self, my beliefs and the possibilities of language. I wanted to write stories that had that kind of impact on readers … but this is, of course, no mean feat! So I read. And read. And read. I did a degree in English and a Masters in Creative Writing so I spent years considering how writers communicate big, difficult ideas with clarity and subtlety, with empathy and levity. And then I sat at my desk for the best part of a decade madly writing and rewriting Hold. While drafting the novel, I constantly sought guidance from people in the publishing industry and tried to figure out which of the wisdoms I was offered would help me to tell the story of Belinda, Mary and Amma most authentically.


  • Your debut – Hold, follows three young adolescent women between Ghana and London; as a male writer, what inspired you to write about women? Were there any challenges embodying the female characters?



Images via The Guardian and African Book Addict

Once again, the month of March is here! Ghana gained independence in March, so I like to dedicate this month to celebrating Ghanaian writers and their work. In the African literature scene, Ghanaian writers and their books are seriously underrated. As a reader of Ghanaian heritage, I enjoy discovering new Ghanaian writers and learning about our […]

READ the Full Interview: 

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