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Don’t Stiff Potential Readers by Spamming Them!

I had to laugh when reading an article today entitled, “9 Bad Book Promotion Ideas That Do Not Work At All.” Despite all of the great advice out there about how authors should and should not do to promote their work, there are those who still use the “buy-my-book, buy-my-book” approach. As the manager of the Facebook group, Friends Who Share Best Publishing Practices, I see the little tricks and ploys that only a few apparently-desperate authors use to draw attention to their book(s).  It definitely turns people off and in most cases, I’d agree with the author of “9 Bad Book Promotion Ideas That Do Not Work At All”, it kills any sales potential.

I’ve read hundreds of articles by book marketing experts and they have this advice in common: Develop a blog that is useful and which provides value to people; develop an email list but, again, provide people on that list with value, and not simply hit them over the head about how awesome your new book is along with annoying reasons they should immediately buy it and recommend it to their friends and relatives; don’t spam people with book promos on social media, especially by sending “friends” or “contacts” unsolicited advertisements for them to buy your book; rule of thumb for general social media book promos – for every ten or so posts providing readers with value not connected to your book, an author can post one general book promo without sounding like a desperate spammer.

Anyway, I like to read about other authors’/bloggers’ experiences with those authors – usually newbies (but definitely not always) as the spammers don’t have any staying power – who see social media as a huge mine of potential book buyers. “9 Bad Book Promotion Ideas That Do Not Work At All” is not only humorous but it’s a quick guide for anyone seriously considering doing their own book marketing.

The article begins:

Screenshot (2)

“There are some authors who stretch the reasonable boundaries of book promotion ideas

Here is a short list of nine very annoying methods that I have received and experienced by newly published authors who are of course desperate to sell their books, but will all fail very badly.

All of these techniques are irritating and will drive away potential readers and book buyers.

Many new authors are aiming at online book promotion sites, and as I have one, I can attest to the number of pesky messages I receive on a daily basis.

If you want to sell your books, the following ideas are definitely ones to avoid at all costs.”


Read More:  Here’s the link:







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