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Despite New Restrictions on ‘Free’ Exposure on Social Media, Using Them as Marketing Tools Still Gets a ‘Thumb’s Up’!

Like many newbies back in 2010 when I first started using Twitter as a tool to get free advertising for my books, I thought ‘the sky was the limit. I just need to get a hundred thousand followers and New York Times bestseller status would follow.”

It wasn’t long before I discovered – mostly from social media marketing experts such as Jeff Bullas – that social media wasn’t a godsend to authors. Over the years, I’ve learned that putting out good content to readers has its own rewards and if I sell a book now and then, fine. I never did try to get 100,000 Twitter followers because I figured that would be a waste of time. So, I took an organic approach and figured – let readers and/or followers come to me. Besides, while the number of followers on Twitter is not limited, you can only have 5000 on Facebook.

And the trend over the past few years has been more and more limits on how many people see your content.

So, I guess it makes sense to ‘go wide’ instead of ‘narrow’ which means to focus less on FB and Twitter and branch out more. If that happened on a massive scale, the social media giants would have to change their free exposure policies via their restrictive algorithms. After all, isn’t it the users who are giving FB, Twitter, Google, et al, all this great free content? They cannot put a price on everything if enough users resist. It makes sense that they would be forced to relax and be more grateful rather than greedy if users were spreading their great content to many more sites – healthy competition, you know, can be a good thing.

Anyway, Bullas’ latest take on the new FB and Twitter platforms as marketing tools is on the positive side, but it seems he’s losing faith. I’ve been reading Jeff’s marketing gems since at least 2010, and he’s my number one ‘go to’ person for marketing analysis and current trends –  a real whiz.

Here is the beginning of Bullas’ article:

Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Free Traffic?


In 2014 I wrote an article titled “Why You Should Forget Facebook

The main premise of the post was that Facebook was reducing its organic reach. In fact the numbers showed it was trending to zero.



So…. we dived into why using Facebook for organic and free traffic was becoming a waste time and you maybe need to forget it for earned attention.

It was rapidly becoming a pay to play platform.

The big promise that drew me to social media was that you could reach the world without paying the gatekeepers or begging for attention.

They were the media moguls and book publishers to name just two.

So I was disturbed and annoyed by this trend.

So where are we today?

We now have new gatekeepers.

They are the platforms and their algorithms. Facebook and Google.

The web is now run with code that strangles traffic and promotes what the platform sees as being in its interest.

Today the web has turned into a battle of the algorithms.


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