The Desperate Days Free During the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Gary Dorion

Published in January, 2018, The Desperate Days is free on Smashwords from April 18-20 for the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Here is the coupon code: XV87P


Anna – a Warsaw Ghetto resistance fighter – reluctantly forms a relationship with a Treblinka death camp guard who later is hunted by an Auschwitz survivor seeking revenge for mass murder. The idealistic Anna tells her university friends to meet the German invaders with passive resistance – not violence. Her friends laughed at her. Anna learns the hard way that her approach was suicidal.
“All were drinking beer in the cafe, except Anna who had classes.
“Yes, Comrade Anna. If a German fascist comes at me with his semi-automatic blazing away,” said Victor, “I’ll just show him your copy of Tolstoy, and say, ‘Hey, please stop. There’s a better way than violence. Let me show you this book I’ve been reading.”
All in the group – about ten people, most of them drunk – laughed uproariously.
“You know, you guys should fucking grow up!” Anna said. “And I wouldn’t go off making fun of Tolstoy. If Germany attacks us, the Soviets may well help their good comrades in Poland. Just because the Russians exploited us in the past doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. They are our comrades now. We are all in this together as good communists. So, you know something, you can insult Tolstoy all you want but you get fucking stupid sometimes when you drink! I’ve got to get to class. Good-bye comrades.”
“The group roared again with laughter. Victor stood up and raised his glass prompting the rest of the group to stand and raise their glasses. “To Comrade Anna, Comrade Tolstoy and Comrade Stalin! May they save Europe and the world from Comrade Hitler!” The group roared again, and drank the full drought of beer left in their glasses
“Drunken fools!” Anna shouted.
An hour later, the bombs rained down on the cafe .
Anna’s ordeal had just begun.”
Desperate Days Cover

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