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The All-important Book Launch – Is It Really All That Important?

Most authors do nearly nothing to launch their book, says Tim Grahl, book marketing expert who contends that doing little to nothing in terms of implementing a plan is a formula for disappointment and failure.

“What if, instead of launching a book and hoping it sells, you had an actual concrete plan — a proven way to sell your book?” Grahl asks.

Regarding the publishing of my own books, I’ve always tried to reconsider if implementing a solid, detailed plan would not have helped those critical first sales and reviews. But I guess I’m one of those authors who simply hopes that the magic will happen despite having no methodical plan.

Anyway, Tim has some great advice about planning and implementing the launch. Personally, I believe that many authors, when at the point where they have done almost all of the pre-publication work, are enervated in terms of having more energy to make that final push and thus succumb to false hope and a kind of laziness. This condition runs contrary to what the marketing experts say: that it is the moment when writers need to make their greatest effort.

Well, here is a link to get the rest of Tim’s take on the matter of the book launch and why it is so critical to pound out a strategic plan  (By the way I have no financial affiliation with Tim’s business):

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