American Jihadist

Sneak Peek of the Coming New Release – American Jihadist

To the 12,000 plus followers of my WordPress author blog, I am offering a free “sneak peek” of my coming release, American Jihadists. Warning: Lots of profanity in the sample as in the book itself. The novel follows two young men from the Midwest USA who quit school to join ISIS in Syria, and specifically during the height of the siege in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and dubbed, Syria’s Stalingrad by many who fought in that still ongoing war. Eastern Aleppo, a World heritage site, was nearly totally destroyed in one of the longest sieges in modern warfare in 2016. It reportedly is the world’s oldest city.

As the novel opens, the two Americans meet with their al Nusra contacts in the Old City and are told to execute seven former ISIS fighters who tried to escape – their choice being to die with the men up against the wall or kill them with their new (just-out-of-the-box) Kalashnikovs. The al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria) fighters told them they need to prove their loyalty to the ISIS cause and to Allah although al Nusra is not part of ISIS though they are allies. Both ISIS and al Qaeda were vying for leadership of the international Islamic Jihad movement.

The current cover for the book is a David Zawila photo taken from the Unsplash site where thousands of high resolution photos are available totally free and totally copyright free. The benefit to Unsplash and their member photographers is about gaining as much exposure through the number of times people use the photos. The images can be altered in any way – in this case I inserted a book title and author name – and they can be used commercially. Usually, I buy my book covers but I particularly liked this photo for this book.


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