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My wife took this photo in our driveway in Phuket, back when we lived in a house in the jungle. We now live on the outskirts of Kantharalak in a small village where my wife grew up.


I’ve had this blog for several years and use it to write about publishing news that can assist other writers,  to promote other writers, as well as to showcase my books and provide updates. I try to share what I am learning about the self-publishing world which I have been involved in since 2000 although I have been a writer at heart most of my life.
My wife and I lived in Phuket, Thailand, for a few years before settling in her village where I have spent much time upgrading our house and making our one rai (about one acre) property into a sort of fruit farm with mango, lime, cherry, papaya and coconut trees (basically a gardening hobby) and where I continue to write novels and work on my various web sites including my Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/FriendsPublishingPractices/

My latest project is constructing a tropical fish pool to contain my 1500 small fish. Right now, they reside in about 15 vats, clay urns, large plastic barrels and heavy plastic cement-mixing vats that I only use for fish.  
In 2004, I took a year off from teaching in Manhattan where I lived on 4th Street and would go to Starbucks in nearby Astor Place every day. I substantially wrote three books concurrently that year, although two of the novels -“The Jack Trilogy” and “Desperate Days” – took years to complete.
I taught English, Global & US History as well as Journalism in Manhattan high schools over 13 years and, before that,  wrote court news in the Boston area over ten years. I worked for the Lowell Sun for nearly two years before then.
    • Touro College Graduate School, Manhattan
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    • Harvard U Extension School, Cambridge

Amazon author page: amazon.com/Gary-L.-Dorion/e/B003HMGKV6.

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/dorion

We also have three dogs, two of whom we took with us from the states and one who we adopted when we returned to the village in September 2019.
We have two daughters – Mikaila and Sirinya.
Sirinya (Som) lives in Patong, Phuket, and Mikaila lives in Manhattan where she is trying to break into the acting world, currently working as an usher for a theater company in Midtown.
And our little grand daughter, Smile, lives with us. It’s quite common for the grandparents in Thai villages to bring up children while the parents go to work in Bangkok or other places where jobs are much more plentiful than in the remote villages.

My wife, Uraiwan, and her daughter, Sirinya  (third photo), and my daughter, Mikaila (second image).


Two of our three dogs that we flew with us from Los Angeles to Thailand in 2015, Rex and Tony, taking a dip in Rawai Beach where we lived for three years. We also adopted a small Thai dog who died in August, 2019. RIP pal.

Smile and mom, Sirinya (Som)
RIP, Dum