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Newest Novel: The full Jack Trilogy, written over 17 years, is in Kindle Pre-order. Nov. 8, 2017, release date. Order now for delivery and payment on the release day Amazon Kindle Store

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My wife took this photo in our driveway in Phuket, Thailand.


I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I did writing them.

Book 3 of the Jack Trilogy – “Friends Forever” – and the full trilogy as a separate book are in the Kindle Pre-release program and will be available for sale on November 8, 2017. Readers can order the book(s) now and Amazon Kindle will deliver it to your device on the release day – the same day you are billed.

The series is loaded with adventure, humor and spiced with more than a good dash of romance. I wrote them as YA stories that appeal to adults too.

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Besides being an author, I am a former New York City English Language Arts, History, and Journalism teacher who moved to Rawai Beach, Thailand, in 2015 with my wife, Uraiwan, and two dogs.  We have two daughters – Mikaila and Sirinya.

I wrote other books including a children’s book and a Holocaust novel. Next year I intend to start into the crime fiction genre for which I am well prepared as I once specialized in court news coverage – criminal court news mostly – for 10 years at a courthouse in Cambridge, Massachusetts – having covered thousands of cases.


My wife, Uraiwan, and her daughter, Sirinya  (third photo), and my daughter, Mikaila (second image).

And our two dogs that we flew with us from Los Angeles to Thailand two year ago, Rex and Tony, taking a dip in Rawai Beach.