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G.L. Dorion

I currently live with my wife, Uraiwan, and two dogs in Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand. In 2004, I took a year off from teaching in Manhattan where I lived on 4th Street and would go to Starbucks in nearby Astor Place every day. I substantially wrote three books concurrently that year, although two of the novels -"Jack" and "Comrade Anna" - took years to complete and "Jack" is not yet complete, but close. I published Book 1 in the Jack trilogy in August, 2015. Book 2 - Murder on the High Seas - was released on May 18, 2016. I am writing Book 3 now and initial chapters can be viewed on Wattpad and heard on Soundcloud. Book 3 will be published in the late fall of 2016. I also wrote a holocaust novel - Comrade Anna, and a children's book, The Lucky Lobsters. After the trilogy is complete and published I plan to finally write in the crime fiction genre.

I taught English, Global & US History as well as Journalism in Manhattan high schools over 13 years and before that did court reporting news in the Boston area over ten years. I worked for the Lowell Sun for nearly two years before then. Currently - besides writing novels - I spend hours every day promoting other authors (I have 5000 Twitter & Facebook author followers). We love Rawai Beach, Phuket - it is home to hundreds of ex-pats from all over and it is quite an international town because of that and the tourists who come from everywhere. After nearly one year here, I'm finding it a great place to write.