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GL Dorion

I currently live with my wife, Uraiwan, and three dogs in a tiny village in Issan, Thailand. In 2004, I took a year off from teaching in Manhattan where I lived on 4th Street and would go to Starbucks in nearby Astor Place every day. I substantially wrote three books that year, although two of the novels -"Jack" and "Desperate Days" - took years to complete. I also wrote a full-color, illustrated children's book, The Lucky Lobsters.

Currently, (2019) I'm writing a novel called "American Jihadist" about the Syrian war.

I taught English, Global, US History, and Journalism, in Manhattan high schools over 13 years and, before that, did court reporting news in the Boston area over ten years. I worked for the Lowell Sun for nearly two years before then.

Currently - besides writing novels - I promote other authors on various of my sites and have a Facebook group - Friends Who Share Best Publishing Practices. If you are a published author you can apply to be a member:

We have been living in Thailand since 2015 although my wife grew up there.

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