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G.L. Dorion

I currently live with my wife, Uraiwan, and two dogs in Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand. In 2004, I took a year off from teaching in Manhattan where I lived on 4th Street and would go to Starbucks in nearby Astor Place every day. I substantially wrote three books concurrently that year, although two of the novels -"Jack" and "Comrade Anna" - took years to complete and "Jack" is not yet complete, but close. I published Book 1 in the Jack trilogy in August, 2015. Book 2 - Murder on the High Seas - was released on May 18, 2016. I am writing Book 3 now and initial chapters can be viewed on Wattpad and heard on Soundcloud. Book 3 will be published in the late fall of 2016. I also wrote a holocaust novel - Comrade Anna, and a children's book, The Lucky Lobsters. After the trilogy is complete and published I plan to finally write in the crime fiction genre.

I taught English, Global & US History as well as Journalism in Manhattan high schools over 13 years and before that did court reporting news in the Boston area over ten years. I worked for the Lowell Sun for nearly two years before then. Currently - besides writing novels - I spend hours every day promoting other authors (I have 5000 Twitter & Facebook author followers). We love Rawai Beach, Phuket - it is home to hundreds of ex-pats from all over and it is quite an international town because of that and the tourists who come from everywhere. After nearly one year here, I'm finding it a great place to write.

New Jack Trilogy Chapters

“Yeah! I do have a better idea! I think we should skip Praia and head directly to Senegal or Guinea and get the whole thing over with so we can head on back to Jamaica. There’s no sense in this kind of a risk just cuz you want to say you’ve been to Cape Verde Islands,” I said.