The Desperate Days

Readers will be in awe of the courage of the main character, Anna, and of her principles, and determination in the face of extreme evil as she works to save children in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi liquidation. Anna starts out as a pacifist but quickly learns that such was a recipe for suicide as a Jew in the 1940s in Warsaw, Poland.

More About the Book
Anna – a Warsaw Ghetto resistance fighter – reluctantly forms a relationship with a Treblinka death camp guard who later is hunted by an Auschwitz survivor seeking revenge for mass murder. The idealistic Anna tells her university friends to meet the German invaders with passive resistance – not violence. Her friends laughed at her. Anna learns the hard way that her approach was suicidal.


“I must say this book surprised me quite a bit. The writing is original, different from what I have been reading so far, multi-layered and very engaging. An author who can take me away from mundane life and submerge me in his/her book so fully is a darn good author. I devour historical fiction books and one that contains scenes so well described that you actually believe they were real at some point in history, is definitely a favorite. Very enjoyable read. Lots of twist and turns that kept me engaged till the last page was turned. Very talented writer, very accurate with his facts and smart with his characters description; at times even brilliant. Highly recommended!” – an Amazon customer.

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